LONG time no Blog. And it would have been longer if I hadn’t, just this second, decided that I was going to do it right now. Here comes a very quick catch up so that I can move on with life and with this thing called blog,

We completed one year of homeschooling, at the end of which I became horrendously sick with a combo of hay fever/allergies to everything/stress. Layla very sweetly told me that she really wanted to go back to school to be around other children all the live long day, but that that didn’t mean she didn’t love me! And I finally had to admit that school- school was going to be the best option for us as a family at that stage of the game. They have now completed two years at the local primary school and are really thriving.

I spent a good year grieving what I perceived to be a failure of homeschooling, but was then forced to turn my attention to the fact I had a PhD thesis to write. I might a separate post about the PhD journey later, but for now I will report that it was a tumultuous road that took me to the brink mentally, intellectually, and relationally. At one point I very nearly failed. Pleased to report that it’s all over now and I’ve passed. More on that some other time.

Tom and I have also been approved as foster parents. I won’t be able to write a huge amount about that here for safeguarding reasons. Nothing about specific children obviously, but I will be able to reflect on the bigger picture. Again, more on that later.

I have been working really hard to get back in shape after having neglected my health for a long time. I went vegan in January and was pretty strict for the first six months, but have completely lost the plot this week on holiday in Thailand because, well, Thailand. I’ve been using the gym lots for weight training and cardio machines because my knee is dodgy and I feel safer on a treadmill than on concrete, and also the hay fever reasons. I went back to ballet for a small stretch but then decided it was more realistic to commit to capoeira because it’s a lot closer to home and also because it’s more sociable and less likely to trigger eating disorder issues.

I’ve got a job in Oxford, working for Oxfordshire Recovery College, a mental health charity that offers free classes to sufferers, carers and professionals. I am absolutely loving it and will write about it in upcoming posts.

Finally, I have decided that this blog can be about whatever the heck I feel like making it be about on any given day. I will not be setting a posting schedule, or even defining my scope. Life is way to short for that. I’m not trying to make money or set myself up as any sort of anybody with this. This is just me writing and keeping a log of life, a life that will hopefully be abundantly varied and full of random and beautiful messes.



2 thoughts on “Back Once Again with the Ill Behaviour

  1. Love this post Jacinta. Thank you for being so honest. None of what you set out to do are easy tasks. Everyone needs to live their authentic. And thanks for being a wonderful example of just that. All the best to you and your family! I will look forward to your future posts, when ever they may come. Lots of Love! ❤️

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