Well hello!

I’ve just put some effort into tidying up my website, so figured now would also be a good time to blog. It’s been over a year. While I retain my right to be completely inconsistent (and pretty longwinded) in some areas of my life, I would actually like to be a bit more regular with this.

A catch up:

In Dec 2018 I graduated with my PhD in Creative Writing from Goldsmiths, University of London. I am only just now beginning to feel a sense of recovery from that whole thing. Maybe that’s another post. Getting a PhD is hard. You can get the gist of my thesis topic here.

I had also been working in a paid teaching role at Oxfordshire Recovery College, a mental health charity. That was a wonderful experience, and probably also another post. Here’s something I wrote on the topic of mental health and parenting, this is a topic we developed a course on.

I was absolutely thrilled when I was invited by my department at Goldsmiths to take on some teaching and also to develop a short course in collaboration with the psyc. Dept. on writing therapy, and also to run a short stories short course on the weekends. Now, as a person I am what’s known as excited to be invited so I snapped up all these opportunities. And spent the 2018-19 academic year in a flurry of lesson planning, teaching, commuting back and forth to London. And of course, still working on Handmade HK, and being a mum, and doing a few tries of fostering. More other posts.

Somewhere around March I got the twitches. I started to feel a real crisis of integrity teaching a creative area that I had now made myself so busy I was not actually able to practice myself. After some wrestling, I decided to let go of one job. It was clear that I was needed at home, so I chose to let go of my job in London.

(Trying SO hard to be succinct. Can you tell?)

Soon after this it became apparent that I was really, seriously needed at home. This is family life. I was listening to a podcast one morning at the gym and heard about Derek Sivers’s idea of Hell Yeah, or NO. This was basically the opposite of me and I felt very strongly that I needed to try it. I would start saying no to things in order to be truly free to do the most important things.

The result was that I was truly available when a member of my family needed me most, and that’s when I stumbled across the Pathways Into Children’s Publishing initiative, I was clear-headed enough to hear my inner voice scream HELL YEAH! Here is a way to be creative and still available to my family.

Okay. I’m stopping there for today. Hopefully what you’ll see in the near future is lots of artwork, more blogging, a comic/graphic novel or two, and probably the memoir I’m still gathering courage to put out there. Also, please excuse the ads on this website. Tom promises to make them go away but I have to wait for him to finish something else first.


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