Ah, what the heck? (2011 Jan 19)

Tom the Husband took my iPad to work with him today, so that means no OnSong for me and that means less than eager desire to play guitar for very long at all.  I have become an OnSong snob and there is nothing I am willing to do about it.


I had The World’s Most Productive day today though – sorted out family budget, did semester planning, wrote double digit number of pages of Creative for Uni, quality time with Layla the Girl, and opened a couple weeks worth of mail.


All of that productivity makes me think I need to be more purposeful with Project Sweet Sound.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to just amble along like this for much longer before some careful planning began a wanting.


I would like to get my hands on the Worship Central Worship book asap, and see if I can be a guinea pig for that, but until then, I will need something else to guide my quest.


I have two books that I will follow for now, as well as practicing lots of worship songs.  The first is a teach-yourself-acoustic guitar type of number.  I actually find I can learn from books… well, maybe I should wait to see what you out there on the Interwebs think of that statement.


The second book is on the craft of Songwriting.  I purchased this book in the middle of the night from a 24hr Barnes& Nobel on Broadway, NYC.  Gosh, that sounds SO flippin cool!  I was super jetlagged and Tom and Layla were asleep so off I went, and came back with this book.  I love it to bits, and want very much to digest and apply every single thing written in it.  I have just hit the chapter on learning to WRITE music, as in, notation.  This is a scary thought for a dyslexic girl like Jacinta the Dyslexic, but you know what?  I figure I’m already taking on the near impossible in life as it is (toddler, baby, masters, work, art, guitar) so what does it really matter in the grand scheme of things if I throw learning to read and write music into the mix?  We shall see.


So what I’m saying is, every day I will:

  • Do that annoyingly painful hand-stretching exercise (will upload a recording asap) TWICE DAILY
  • Do at least one page of the teach yourself book
  • Play through three worship songs
  • Practice some reading/writing of the musical language


Nice things of the day:  Tom requested my lyrical assistance on a song he was recording a demo of.  This was nice because I like Tom, I like lyrics, and I like being needed :)


The pic for today is a self-photographed shot of me wearing an oxygen mask after dog induced allergic attack during third trimester of Layla the Girl.  For no reason.


Oh crumbs, it appears that my website has now gone online!  Eek!  Be nice everyone.  Be nice.

What do you think?

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