Bleh (2011 Feb 8)

So, at 34 weeks pregnant I could well decide in the future to excuse this whole post under the banner of hormones.  It has been an awful day.  Got up on the wrong side of the bed, barked up wrong trees, and spent the rest of the afternoon sobbing :(


The outcome was that I decided I needed to practice guitar because tomorrow I am leading at the lunch time prayer meeting and bombing there is not going to help my sense of well being in any way, shape or form.  I finished preparing my set list and then decided to indulge in the recording of a sad-ish song.  Just needed to.  One thing led to another and I ended up doing three tracks – one with guitar and main vocal, one with a lower harmony, sung by my imaginary friend Big Bertha, and one sung by my invisible friend Hilda Higher.  I have never been very good at making up names.  This is part of the reason I am in the Nonfiction stream at Uni – my fictional characters end up being called Sally, Shelley, Polly and Molly.  So anyway, that is what you will be listening to today.


This morning I re-tweeted two of Rick Warren’s tweets – one said something about no one is allowed to control my emotions unless I give them permission, and the second was telling me to use my head when managing myself, and use my heart when managing others.  I don’t know an awful lot about Rick Warren, but he does provoke thought in me, so I keep following him.  Today’s blues actually came as a result of using my heart to deal with someone, which, if you ask me, is hard to do unless you also then give them permission to mess with your emotions.  I don’t know.  What evs is all I’ve got right now.


Tomorrow I believe I will be joined by Michele the percussionist/sound-chick and Kayi, a guitar-playing friend and wife of Mark, the worship pastor.  The set list is:

-Mighty To Save

-Lord Reign in Me




-Once Again


Okay, Bye.

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