F#@* You, I won’t play to my strengths (2011 Aug 16)

I learnt a new word today.  It is a word I have in some way, shape or form been searching for for many many years.

(did you like the for for many many?)

(I did)


The word is: polymath

The meaning is a person who is very learned in many fields.  The posterGOD of Polymaths would have be Da Vinci, and many definitions claim a person needs in-depth knowledge in many areas, not just to know a little about a lot…

I am very excited about this new word because finally I have discovered a term that is just like Jack-of-all-trades, only without the negative connotations.  Yey me!


I wonder how many DaVinci’s there have been throughout history who never realised even a part of their true potential because they had some person they looked up to telling them not to spread themselves too thin.  Specialise damn you, DaVinci.


Again, my inner critic is tapping me on the shoulder asking what right I have to write these words.  Critic boy needs a name.  Let’s call him Arseface.  Hey, Arseface, my blog, my content.


I am, to quote Cheryl Crow, “high on intellectualism” right now.  Been working on my semester plan today, and decided to hone in on Montaigne, my new found love; Lewis, because well, he doesn’t need a reason; and Alain de Botton because my brother told me about him, and he’s still alive and would probably reply if I emailed him.  I am very excited about my Critical Thesis.  If you are starting to zone out, I will just remind you that I am in fact, dyslexic and in the process of throwing myself in the deep end in such a way that will likely result in an amusing adventure at the very least.  I think I have put Proust on my reading list.


There’s another little idea I have, but this is one that I will not be mentioning again until it’s done, and only if it’s done successfully.  More on that later, hopefully!


That shall be all for tonight.


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