Fry’s Thoughts (2011Feb 16)

I am currently reading Stephen Fry’s Fry Chronicles.  It’s an enjoyable read and he is clearly an highly intelligent individual.  I like that he sidetracks a lot, and thought I would share what he has to say about acting (and what I have interpreted to mean the creative arts as a whole):


He is talking about people who like to remind creative hopefuls of how competitive and tough the acting world can be:


“…The people who tell you this are cut from the same cloth as those who grow up these days to become trollers on internet sites and who specialize in posting barbarous, mean, abusive, look-at-me, listen-to-me anonymous comments on YouTube and BBC ‘Have your say’ pages and other websites and blogs foolish enough to allow space for their poison.  Such swine specializes in second-guessing the motives of those who are brave enough to commit to the risk of making fools of themselves in public and they are the scum of the earth. ‘Oh, but a thick skin is surely necessary in the acting profession.  Actors and theatre people should get used to it.’  Well if you want to be in a profession that accesses emotion and attempts to penetrate the mind and soul of man, I should have thought it is more necessary to have a thin skin.  Sensitivity.  But I am wondering off the point.” P95

Here here Mr Fry :)

What do you think?

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