Golly Gosh (2011 Aug 11)

Yup, just a quick update because I’m not through the tunnel of stupid-lack-of-boundaries-crazy-busyness YET.


Had a baby


+Had no sleep because baby had colic.

+Turned 32, but feel 62 :(


Worship Central


+Still not sleeping more than a 3 hr stretch

+Complete artwork for VC2 creche wallpaper


+Church moved from Central to Wanchai!

+Foolhardy decision to accept job of writing VC2 book

+Scramble to interview relevant people before leaving for:

+Holiday in Phuket with Cooks, husband and my two little munchkins

+8-day intensive Uni residency that required the appearance of coherent thought, boy baby with ear infection, girl baby with tonsillitis, me with food poisoning thus missing last day.

+writing of 38 pages for VC2 Book in 3 days

+writing of makeup assignments for missed day at Uni

+Sick again with two days of sweaty-chilly fever

+I think we just sold our flat

+oh, it seems to be August now. Does it really matter?  Who even cares?  Life isn’t much fun right now.  Wah.  I need a violinist and a medal.


+vow to reevaluate priorities and learn to say no sometimes.

+too much of a good life is still too much.  Apparently I have limits.


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