Okay Seriously (2011 Jan 14)

The truth of the matter is I haven’t actually kicked off very successfully.  I have been fighting a couple of issues…

  • I am really quite nervous about launching this thing onto the big line we call the Internet.  Seriously, what if this goes viral for all the wrong reasons?!
  • The weird cold/dry weather caused my freshly callused finger tip to literally split open, making it almost impossible to play for the last week.


Anyway, I’m back now, and about to sit down to have a good go of it.  Check ya laterz.


PS – I find it quite difficult to ignore the placeholder pic that iWeb gives me, so I will be filling it with arbitrary pics.  This one is of me in 2008, pregnant and sleepy, before my allergies caused us to have to re-home our pug.

PPS – This song was recorded about 2 weeks ago.

PPPS – what does PS stand for?

What do you think?

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