Relaxing into the flow of the year (2011 Jan 17)

Guitar-wise things are going much better this week.  I was rostered on to BV at church last night, so I got a guitar and strummed along while singing during practice – couldn’t plug in for some technical reason I can’t remember, but at least I felt like I was playing with the band, although since I couldn’t hear myself I looked down at one point and found my fingers on completely the wrong strings (!), but at the very least at least my calluses are thickening.  Yes, I am an optimist.  One problem was that I was finding it very tiring to stand up for the whole of practice, so had to have a chair on stage next to me.  I’m in the third trimester now, so that’s normal I suppose.  I didn’t actually play the guitar for church, just practice only.  Tom is wonderful at humouring my desire to pretend :)


On Friday night I had to bail on a good friend’s leaving party due to morning sickness + a cold.  I came home and rested, and then found myself alone with creative space and motivated to finish off a couple of half-written songs.  As a notorious non-finisher I am very happy about this, and have my little garageband demos to listen to and refine.  I am not at the point of confidence/insanity to upload those yet, but maybe one day.


One of the songs I worked on was not a worship song, the other one is.  The latter is a chorus-less hymn sort of thing that actually fits quite nicely with the oldie-but-goodie “In my life Lord, be glorified, be glorified”… so I have been using those chords to practice some finger picking.  Will upload some of that later.


Currently fighting the temptation to pick at my calluses.  They are nice and crusty and really trying my self-control.


At this point in history my website is password locked out of fear of man.  I think it’s going to be time to take the plunge and actually make this thing readable soon….but not quite yet…

What do you think?

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