Small Beginnings (2010 Dec 31)

Here is the premise for this blog: I will endeavor to learn how to lead Christian worship on the acoustic guitar. I am going to set myself the goal of faithfully blogging the process for one year, mostly because that’s what everyone else seems to do, but also because I do not want to fizzle out before I get anywhere.

Now to Introduce Myself:

– 31 yr old female

– 27 weeks pregnant with second child. First child is a gorgeous 20-month old girl.

– Married to a ridiculously good looking and hugely gifted worship leader.

– No assumptions should be made on the above mentioned husband’s ability to teach his wife/his wife’s ability to learn from her husband.  (Up until now, hopefully things can change!)

– Currently one semester into my Masters degree in Creative Writing.

– Brought up in a musical family but did not manage to stick with any one instrument for very long at all.

– Been part of my church worship team for over 15 years, singing as a BV.

– Small amount of experience with Piano, Cello, Saxophone, Harmonica, Guitar.

– First played bass guitar at the age of 13. Quit within one year.

– Blame dyslexia for my inability to read music.

– Had one acoustic guitar lesson 10 yrs ago. Little progress has been made since.

– Out of pure lack of options I have been allowed the chance to lead worship a couple of times at small prayer meetings, women’s groups and bible studies.

– Not really aspiring to be a big-time worship leader necessarily, hope to be able to play and sing at home alone without ending every session in frustration. Really want to be competent and ready if ever called upon.

– Would also find it very nice to be able to play children’s songs for Layla, or maybe even Kid’s ministry at church.

– Written many incomplete songs, both for Christian and general audiences.

– Last year even managed to complete one and got it onto our church album – but was not at a level of ability to perform it on the recording. Have lead it vocally a couple of times on tour with the church band since, but still not hugely confident.

– Sick of not being at the level I want to be at.

– This is my attempt to commit to changing that.


The Rules:
– Practice guitar daily.
– Spend at least 50% of that time NOT singing along.
– Use a metronome as much as possible.
– Study the bible.
– Record and post a song once a week, not labouring over the recording – just click record and get through the song so it’s as real/raw as possible.
– Grasp as many opportunities to play/sing/co-lead/lead by the horns as possible.

Okay, I think that is enough for now. My first task to complete before the end of the day will be my first recording. Wish me luck!


What do you think?

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