Sunday Swim (2011 Feb 2)

So it is now Wednesday and I have just about recovered from an epic weekend.  On Thursday we had Worship Practice – where I was officially BVing but granted the grace to strum along, this time plugged in, but only into my own in-ears.  Before and during practice the Converse team was setting up for our Creative Prayer night the following night.  Tom and I were also a part of that team, so we were doing a bit of both.


At the same time, the production team was running a Live Video Course, to prepare a team for when we move into VC2 and might need Live Video during sessions.  This was a little bit scary because they were practicing on us, the band as we practiced our songs.  So all of a sudden I would hear “Camera two close up on Jacinta”, which, if we are honest, is always going to cause us to wonder what we look like on the big screen, and if we are pulling ugly singing faces or whatever – I had to try very hard to ignore them.


Friday was spent setting up VC1 for Converse – it was a fantastically creative, yet low-key and chilled out evening.  I will have to write a separate post about that one.


I must admit that after spending the whole day setting up, when we actually opened I found myself gravitating at the worship station simply for the reason that I could snuggle into a chair.  I don’t think I even sang much.


Tom & Mark, our staff Worship leaders have set up a new initiative that Tom and I are referring to as Operation Female Worship Leader.  Our church previously had two very strong female worship leaders but they both happened to leave Hong Kong last summer, so that left us with zero female leaders.  We do have a few BVers who are experienced and have been deemed ready to be trained up not just to lead a song vocally, but to direct the band and connect with the congregation.  Three have been selected at this point, and each will be paired with an experienced male worship leader sansei.


I have been blessed to be chosen as a candidate, but cannot be paired with Tom, because he is my husband and we are unlikely to come out the other end of the experience unscathed.  I can’t really be paired with Mark because I am Mark’s boss’s wife, and that could possibly be awkward, so I have been paired with Glen – a wonderful worship leader with an awesome voice and a big-brotherly aura that I feel very comfortable with the idea of working with.  I believe we will be rotating mentors later on down the line, but for now this seems to be a really good start!


Jackie Pullinger was our guest speaker at church on Sunday – it was a real honour to share the stage with her, as well as intimidating, if you have been in a room with Jackie and her team you will know why.  We ran through our set as practiced for the first service:

Happy Day (Hughes)

Everlasting God (Brown)

Our God (Hillsong)

This is Love (Reads!)


But during the second service (and I believe this was an on-the-spot decision) Tom threw Holy Holy Holy in between the last two songs, and motioned to me to lead it.  What?!  Thanks Tom! Are you sure?  Was that just a nervous twitch?


These are the things one wants to clarify at a moment like that, but because of the moment one is completely unable to.  I had no choice but to go for it and keep half an eye on Tom to see if I was getting the ‘shut up!’ signal.  I wasn’t.  He really had chucked me in the deep end.


By the grace of God I managed to swim.  It is really quite crazy how all of a sudden you can find yourself completely doubting your knowledge of the lyrics.  I have always considered myself a lyrics girl, and I often tease Tom at the his ability to forget lyrics to the songs he has written.


Anyway, it all went well, and Tom did shoot me the ‘shut up!’ glance when we got to the chorus because he wanted the church to hear themselves, but he later assured me that I had followed his instructions well and he was pleased with my effort.  Phewf!


Okay, this post is getting long so I will stop now and go and do some Uni work.



PS – the arbitrary pic theme continues.

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