It’s been a nice day today.  I’ve had a busy week in town, so today I decided to don some sweatpants to up my odds of staying home, or at least in DB.  It worked.  I did take Layla on a two hour outing to the post office, but I feel recharged.

The original plan was to do some writing because I got some comments back from my advisor yesterday and so was feeling directed and ready to plunge in again, but then after looking at the calendar and realising I have three whole weeks til my next submission, I thought, why not have a painting day instead?

I’ve been meaning to paint because I am thinking about trying to sell some art as my DIY fundraiser for our church building project.  I would dearly love to do something physical like run a marathon, but really, I just have to accept that at 35 weeks pregnant, that is not an option for me this time.  So, perhaps I can fetch a few bob from a picture or two… we shall see.  I really don’t know how to go about doing this, but I have people I can ask.

I had a serious offer to put on an exhibition about a year and a half ago.  I was sent away to create twelve paintings, and therein lay the problem.  In order to do a series of 12 paintings, one must have some sort of stylistic consistency.  I haven’t decided on mine just yet.  The likelihood of ever deciding on one if very slim, so I’m really uncertain as to my chances of ever completing the 12…as far as I know the offer still stands, but ug…



So, today I felt like painting my good friend Clive Staples Lewis.  I am very frustrated because he had (what I thought) was quite an easy face, and especially an easy pair of eyes, but I got impatient and put too much oil down and then lost control of the paint and just don’t feel satisfied with my efforts, so then I set myself the never-before-considered goal of leaving a painting to dry for a week or two with the intention of coming back to it later.  I am not good at coming back to things.  I like to knock things out completely in one sitting – not a virtue.  I am learning much.

So, after shaking hands with myself to revisit Clive later, I went on to two of my slightly more typical kiddie-styled music pictures.  You can get an idea of all three in the fuzzy photo above.  Anyway, I fought and won against the temptation to paint into the night and instead cleaned my brushes and packed all the stuff away.  I need to practice for Sunday… so, over to Project Sweet Sound we go….

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