So, this Sunday I get to co-lead at church for my very first time.  This is incredibly exciting and even more potentially frightening.  I am doing all I can not to succumb to the nerves.  I am in the safe hands of our awesome band, and also the guidance and (let’s face it) the real worship-leadership of Glen, who has been gracious enough to take on this challenge!


The last time I spoke at church my dyslexia really did a number on me – my notes literally donned ball gowns and began to waltz around the page.  It was beautiful dancing, but it did not help me get to any of my points.  Since then I have seen a bit of waltzing every time I have been on stage and had to look at paper at the same time.  I decided that in order to avoid this happening again this Sunday I should memorise all the chords and lyrics like real worship leaders do.  Done!  I actually managed to do this.  My only decision to make now is whether or not to have the ipad up there with me as backup in case my mind blanks.


I was planning to record & upload a song from the set because I haven’t recorded anything recently, but the results of my one-take Garageband challenge tonight left me so unimpressed that I just can’t bring myself to do it.  I’m feeling particularly pregnant right now and just can’t breathe or come up with a better excuse.


Bye 🙂

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