What in the World.

Time for another Jacinta-blog. There will be rambling and written stream of consciousness-free-flowing-figuring-it-all-out-as-I-type-and-simultaneous-breaking-of-every-guideline-for-good-blogging-ever-to-exist. But it’s my blog and I’ll ramble if I want to. You […]

Life on an Island

“The Maldives are sinking and soon they will be completely underwater!” I was under the age of ten years when this piece of trivia was […]

Famous Last Words

I’m really great at making declarations about my blog’s area of focus and then doing absolutely nothing to follow up on said area of focus. […]

Spare Rib Syndrome

Recently I have allowed myself to dream big dreams again. Then I got scared. The dreams are too big and greedy and likely to embarrass […]

It’s Complicated

That’s no lie – it really is. First off, I hereby acknowledge my failure to listen to the little voice of truth that whispered in […]


The morning started with me waking up to the glorious realisation that we had all slept through the night! This is an increasingly rare phenomenon […]

Golly Gosh (2011 Aug 11)

Yup, just a quick update because I’m not through the tunnel of stupid-lack-of-boundaries-crazy-busyness YET. March: Had a baby April: +Had no sleep because baby had […]