Season Catch Up

Well hello! I’ve just put some effort into tidying up my website, so figured now would also be a good time to blog. It’s been […]

Adding Oil

I’m Hong Kong born and bred so any time my hometown special administrative region makes the news my ears prick up. Recently my facebook feed […]

What in the World.

Time for another Jacinta-blog. There will be rambling and written stream of consciousness-free-flowing-figuring-it-all-out-as-I-type-and-simultaneous-breaking-of-every-guideline-for-good-blogging-ever-to-exist. But it’s my blog and I’ll ramble if I want to. You […]

Life on an Island

“The Maldives are sinking and soon they will be completely underwater!” I was under the age of ten years when this piece of trivia was […]

A Poem

Reap Trust me Said the scientist to the farmer, after selling him genetically modified grains. And one leader to another, shaking hands and scratching backs. […]