Stock Check

Life is never dull. I genuinely crave a bit of boredom. Boredom is a luxury and I’m more than a little jealous and begrudging of […]

Dancer’s Feet

  Explanation: This is a little piece I wrote for uni two years ago. I’ve just spent the past hour trying to make it fit […]

Spare Rib Syndrome

Recently I have allowed myself to dream big dreams again. Then I got scared. The dreams are too big and greedy and likely to embarrass […]

It’s Complicated

That’s no lie – it really is. First off, I hereby acknowledge my failure to listen to the little voice of truth that whispered in […]


The morning started with me waking up to the glorious realisation that we had all slept through the night! This is an increasingly rare phenomenon […]

Well Hello

I promised myself that once I had linked my WordPress site to my domain name I would start blogging regularly again. It’s been a hard […]

My Orange Fish Dress

We had a really stimulating discussion at our Plus group earlier this week – Tom was leading the evening and he had us watch Alain […]