Hurray! I’ve finally figured out what it is I am trying to achieve with this blog!

Here goes:

I am going to set myself a blog-style challenge, sort of like Julie and Julia, only not limited to food.

I think life is for living. There are things I hope to achieve in this life. This will be where I keep a record of my pursuits, their respective successes and failures, and all the profound things I will learn along the way. Hopefully.

Every blog post will go into Jac-of-All_trades and then also one or more other categories. Each category will represent one pursuit.

Right now the things on my list are:

– Be an awesome Mum

– Finish the Book I started writing several years ago.

– Use up all the crafty supplies I’ve been hoarding over the years.

– Read lots of books.

– Get fit and healthy.

– Pursue PHD.

– Take the HMHK reins.

– Be the wife of a professional musician without giving up on my own amateur musical endeavors.